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45 Topics for Term Paper Writing

45 Topics for Term Paper Writing The list of the most trending term paper topics of 2017 covers three difficulty levels: hard, medium easy on the following subjects: Politics, Health, Medicine, Science, and General topics. In case you are working on a term paper or are simply looking for a topic to start your research, we have written down a short list of sample topics for you. The list includes such topics as Politics,  Health, Medicine, Science, and General. All topics are grouped by levels of difficulty, so you will be able to pick the topic that is the exact match to your requirements. Please note that this list is just sample topics. TERM PAPER FORMAT While choosing a topic its important that you select a topic that is neither too narrow nor too broad. Here is a list of the most trending term paper topics of 2017. Feel free to use any of them for your term paper. Politics Hard: US Troops Aiding Syria: Is this the right move? Obamacare: Constitutionally unjust or a way to force regulation on citizens? What happens behind the scenes that the Government keeps from the citizens of the US? Why the US feels the need to get involved in other countries affairs Medium: Electing Obama to a second term: Was it really the right choice for this country? Turmoil in the US Government: Why republicans and democrats disagree Is there controversy between the US and China or is it all made up for media purposes? Easy: The reason for multiple political parties and what each really represents Are electoral votes the right way to call an election? The people speak but the states ultimately decide The right way to approach local and state government entities with your political concerns to ensure they are handled Health Hard: The controversy surrounding aspartame Why whole grains help digestion and the reason to back away from starches not made from whole grains Is a liver cleanse really beneficial for those suffering from chronic illnesses Reducing processed food intake and why it is beneficial to your health Medium: How to make dietary changes to improve your health without shocking your body Foods that Diabetics should avoid maintaining body systems and eyesight The latest diet crazes and how they are potentially dangerous Easy: When too much exercise leads to obsession: Knowing when enough is enough How exactly does stress play a role in your total bodys   health? Stress reduction techniques to improve your mental stability and overall mental health Medical Hard: Scares from vaginal mesh surgeries and how to get help for your complications Understanding drug interactions and what side effects are more prominent dependent upon your ailment Spinal surgeries: Is the risk really worth it and why you should consider alternative treatment options Medium: How to know when it’s time to turn off the life support and let go of a family member When do you believe what you read about supplements and what doctors really know about them Is your doctor pushing specific medications to his/her patients to help pharmaceutical companies or is it really going to help you? Easy: Filing malpractice charges against your doctor: Understanding what malpractice really is Is your doctor telling you the truth? Understanding why second opinions are valuable for your treatment plan Recognizing mental illness in a loved one: The right steps to take so that they get the help they need Science Hard: Should NASA gain new funding for continued space travel explorations or do we know all we need to know? Cancer Research: What is really being done scientifically to find a cure for each specific type? Is there a scientific method to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, renal failure and joint deterioration? Mixing technology with scientific method to create convenience items for the disabled Medium: Studying the scientific formulations of water, ice and snow to compile meteorological differences What exactly about science is taught in the classroom? Is it really relevant? Is there true scientific validity to Women being from Venus and Men being from Mars? Easy: Getting your kids more involved with science and experiments are safe to complete at home What is the scientific explanation for how the Chinese zodiac and astrological signs are assigned? What is the scientific method of curing meats for preservation? General How much damage does stereotyping really do to a persons mental health? Why grief plagues some more than others Does getting a degree really make you more money and give you a more stable career? What is the real reason that higher Education costs keep rising? Why are fast food hamburgers so much higher in calories than homemade options? Auto branding: What is the reasoning behind the loyalty and which manufacturers are really better than others? APA TERM PAPER Email us your requirements and our writers will start coming up with all kinds of term paper topics. Once you have selected the topic you like, the writer who came up with that topic of your choice will be assigned to work on your paper. Together with you, the writer will draft the paper and then work on its text. We will only assign those writers who are professionals at what they do and have experience in the subject. This will ensure that your paper is well-written and properly formatted, contains no plagiarism and is a full match to your original requirements. Ultimately, this will result in your customer satisfaction, which is our utmost goal. Just place an order and get your professionally written term paper on time.

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Marketing Research ( Slumber Party Kit ) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing Research ( Slumber Party Kit ) - Essay Example This plan would help Pillow Fight Night, the slumber party kit provider to employ its market research effectively. Methods and Procedures ‘Pillow Fight Night’ sells slumber party kits and it offers a wide range of benefits to its customers. Since there are a large number of websites that offer slumber party kits to its customers, Pillow Fight Night will have to analyze recent trends in market for its further expansion. In order to identify the threats and opportunities for Pillow Fight Night in market, the company may use several methods in its market study. Firstly, the company can make use of online survey methods in the form of Google advertisements programs, which should be published on some popular sites so that the company may collect feedback from those who click on the advertisements. In the advertisements, there must have a column provided for knowing customer requirements. According to Christ (2009), it is suggestible for the company to organize some TV program s or road shows as an advertisement strategy which would assist the firm to publicize various packages. In such programs, the company should try to familiarize its products and services. The website mainly markets a few packages; hence they need to examine whether these kits satisfy their customers at the anticipated level.

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Do gety colleg adequately caters to undergraduates Case Study

Do gety colleg adequately caters to undergraduates - Case Study Example This enabled the interviewee to fix other questions, or call for clarifications to some issues. Students came from different races while their ages were between 18 years to 22 years. Most of the interviewee allowed us to record them, which gave us an added analysis of their opinion via their body language. Where not allowed, we took notes. Data collected from the faculty member showed that in the best of their knowledge the education system in the campus was at its optimum. Several students confirmed this since out of their busy working schedule, they could choose between attending evening, daytime, or weekend classes. However, some subjects have a fixed timetable, which leaves students with flexible schedules out. Extra curriculum activities offered in the school really complement the learning processes, but are inaccessible to working students. Gety College adequately caters for most working undergraduates. However, improvement is needed on professors’ attitude to students, support to students, and on registration

Helping Me With My Essay Problem

Helping Me With My Essay ProblemI'm having trouble writing an essay and I'm about to explode. Don't panic. It's OK to be frustrated with the state of your essay and feeling helpless. However, you need to realize that you're in control of this and you can use these essays to help you in your business or your life.The first thing you need to do is assess your problem with your essay. There is no one specific essay that needs to be written. Every essay has a purpose. You need to write about something that is valuable to you and something that will help you find out more about yourself. Writing about the important things in your life is going to help you develop yourself and keep you motivated.So how do you know what to write about? Remember, it's OK to feel frustrated when you're having trouble writing an essay and I'm about to explode. To help get through this moment, you need to take a deep breath and be calm. Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a ten page essay. I'm going to give you a short list of what needs to be said in your essay.As an example, let's say that you are giving a speech and it's the most important fact that you want to remember. You would write about this fact and how it changed your life and why you want to help other people. You don't need to go into detail. Just to give an example of something that is important to you want to share.Now that you have decided what needs to be said in your essay, you need to sit down and think about it. Are you going to write all at once or can you break it up into several smaller pieces. Each piece should be its own essay. Think about where you are going to end up writing these pieces and how much time you have to get through them.Once you decide on the beginning and the end of the piece, you need to start writing the pieces. As you are writing, it's OK to become frustrated. However, the more frustrated you become, the more effective you are going to be at getting yourself through the piece. That's because you are realizing that it's in your power to change the piece. Each piece is a piece of your puzzle that is being solved by your frustration.Remember, when you're having trouble writing an essay and I'm about to explode, you need to accept that you are going to have to do it. Use your frustration to push you through the next portion of your essay. That will give you more energy to finish the rest of the pieces that you are putting together.

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Underrated Concerns on Rwandan Genocide Essay Topics You Need to Read About

Underrated Concerns on Rwandan Genocide Essay Topics You Need to Read About Where to Find Rwandan Genocide Essay Topics Let's dig a bit deeper. These courts were created to carry a number of the load for trials normal courts were too busy to deal with. Rwanda was once called the Switzerland of Africa. Fortunately, Immaculee isn't alone inside her act of bravery. Choosing Good Rwandan Genocide Essay Topics Her mother protects the fatherless children. The nation is quite crowded and there is a lot of disease. Many girls become raped in war zone places. There's nothing that she or her loved ones can do because they lack the wellness benefits necessary to deal with somebody within this condition. It is suggested to look for the one which has a superior reputation and offers high-quality papers at very affordable prices. Environmental factors also have played an important role in causing and shaping the genocide. The debut of such distinction concerning class unsettled Rwan dan stability. Social stratification among the principal reasons for genocides over history. Getting the Best Rwandan Genocide Essay Topics Lots of people are accused as a consequence of guilt by association and a lot of others must endure intimidating legislative hearings 9. This is an incredible book which everyone should read. If life doesn't appear to be going your way. Genealogy was the easiest means to ascertain an individual's status, but it was sometimes inaccurate on account of the fact that a number of individuals could change category based on if their fortune rose or fell. What Everybody Dislikes About Rwandan Genocide Essay Topics and Why Yet nothing is done in order to stop the bloodshed. The world's largest peacekeeping force has not been able to end the fighting. His telegram was only one of many indications a catastrophe was brewing in Rwanda. When you have this sort of peace that you don't be concerned about the economy of your adopted nation (because as a Christian, you're a citizen of heaven). Therefore, peace and reconciliation was the sole choice to be taken by the 2 tribes. The neighborhood courts were instrumental in gaining a larger mastery of the truth supporting the genocide in addition to beginning the healing approach. Utilize your absolutely free speech to reveal solidarity with those people who are actually being oppressed instead. No other organisation that worked in the area has ever publically decided to create anything similar. The full process took several years to develop. The period of time necessary for the growth of rough draft varies and may consist of time during and outside of class. The organization includes six key bodies and several other prominent agencies. Students may offer feedback to one another on their opening paragraphs. They should be encouraged to include both textual inform ation and their own connections and implications. Therefore it is obvious to see that population increase and land scarcity proved to be a significant cause for the genocide in Rwanda. The majority of the problems in Rwanda in the previous century were due to imperialism. Economic factors also have conditioned and exacerbated the effects the size of the massacre in Rwanda. The world can't afford to ignore Burundi. On the opposite hand an alternate view can be argued in criticizing the Malthusian explanation for the reason for the genocide in Rwanda has to be considered. This was supposed to be an area where people could come to be safeguarded from Hutu attacks. The opposition's victims are also getting more and more Hutu. For instance, the Hutu farmers could have sufficient territory in the event the Tutsi weren't there. Rwanda is just one of several genocides that have happened over seas. It faces two major problems. Rwandan Genocide Essay Topics for Dummies The quantities of inmates exceeds the nation's prison capacity. The genocide came to a conclusion in July 1994 after RPF took over the constraint of the nation and stability began returning the nation. A few of the victims were given the choice of paying for a bullet so that they'd get a quicker death. Recent evidence implies that the crash was the result of a land based missile from a Rwandan military base below the constraint of the Hutu government. Lots of people escaped to nearby nations. There is an excellent demand for the United Nations to have such standing forces which are specially trained to manage such conflicts. Background The beginning of conflict between the many Sudanese groups isn't the consequence of achieving independe nce from the British. There's a whole lot of history in a little country like Rwanda.

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The Downside Risk of Astronomy Topics for Research Paper That No One Is Talking About

The Downside Risk of Astronomy Topics for Research Paper That No One Is Talking About What's Truly Going on with Astronomy Topics for Research Paper Even in the event the consequence of your study isn't a scientific breakthrough, it may be of some use in a wide array of different fields. It is also helpful to fight beloved laziness. It has to cope with the most typical problems of modern-day society. This kind of assignment is hard and time-consuming as it requires conducting an in-depth study of a specific topic. If you're writing about social problems, you will typically be writing about the way the topic affects larger groups of people, including how poverty affects a whole generation. The third issue is to make sure the structure of your astronomy paper corresponds to the typical template. The ethimological facet of multiplication. There are lots of elements of astronomy and the variety appears to mix with one another and thus the students face confusion. Since you may see, students are certain to face a number of challenges should they need to turn into a member of the buy essay club. In case the student will arrive in touch with their surrounding development then it will be simple to make them understand and interest will also grow within them to learn more about the matter. Among the fantastic approaches to make understand the student of to 10th grade astronomy is to let them know regarding the recent development within the field of astronomy. Write out all of the important aspects it is simple to recollect. On the grounds of astronomy research paper topics you get, it is imperative to brainstorm thoughts and define key points on which to found your writing. You can take advantage of this list as a means to find the ideas flowing. There's inclusion of the fundamental understanding of other related science. Anyway, you can read the testimonials of our clients. Health care topics result in a wonderful research paper because students may concentrate on patient care, the proposed government-run medical care system and ethics. Advertising research topics can concentrate on using culture to sell an item, deceiving advertisements and measuring the potency of celebrity endorsements. To get started researching local problems, head straight to local newspapers and internet sources. You're able to use an editing checklist if you should. There are a number of reasons why you need to prefer our services. You should definitely take this service into account if you're new to the internet writing businesses. The ideal thing about our writing service is you can supply an entire description and get it written exactly the direction you require it. The Pain of Astronomy Topics for Research Paper The research paper of 10th grad astronomy won't be very complicated but overall standard information is provided. Not all research paper topics are made equal, and you would like to be certain you select an excellent topic before you commence writing. If you would like to acquire high excellent research and thesis papers punctually and for a fair price, you should probably attempt using Whenever you have the relevant materials to compose your papers, you can begin working on them. If you're interested in some specific topic or have passion to study it, than most probably you should write a paper on such topic. This title will get someone who would like to learn. This rule applies to all scenarios, no matter if you have to compose a biology lab file, essay, research, or another paper. To accomplish the very first step you've got to pick an interesting and appropriate topic. So you need to study a great deal if you prefer to be really successful in your writing. The actual folks highly praise our essay help site. If you are searching for top essay writing companies, try out the mentioned above. There are numerous essay writing services that think they're the very best, and therefore don't be cheated and check the legitimate collection of the very best.

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Cuisines & Traditions Essay Example for Free

Cuisines Traditions Essay We will discuss in our assignment the different cultural traditional cuisines of top five countries which influenced the food now being eaten. Then later in second phase of assignment we will discuss the traditional food preparation and dinning patterns of these five countries. SPAIN: Spanish cuisines are dominated by fresh produce, light seasoning of seafood from the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and fresh water mountain streams. For the purpose of culinary, we divided Spain into seven regions: Canary Islands, North Coast, North Interior, Central Plains, Northeast, Southeast Coast, South. The North Coast is cool, wet lush. It is known for its famous Basque culinary traditions, cuisine here is highly valued. Basque cooking techniques includes slow simmering in olive oil and subtle red green sauces. Fish dishes flourish with the northernmost region, and famous for its assorted and finer sea foods. Huge variety of herbs used with lamb and veal. The most popular cuisines are fish and meat pie. North interior is popular for local trout. White asparagus, baby artichokes, peas, potatoes, beans, wheat and sweet pepper are grown along with rivers. This region is particularly famous for its simple cooking techniques and popular dishes are bread sauteed with meats, eggs vegetables. Central plains are famous for fresh meat, beans and sausage. Saffron and cheese is commonly used in their food. Catalonia is famous for its unique combinations of food like squid with pork, rabbit with raisins. Romesco sauce and sweet seasonings are used to flavor savory dishes. Spanish Levant or Southeast Coast is famous for its huge groves of citrus fruit, grapevine yards and vegetable farms. This region is popular for its well known seafood dish. â€Å"Paella†. MOROCCO: Moroccan cuisine is the culinary star of its region North Africa. As it is at the cross roads of many civilizations, It is blended with Arab, Berber, Moorish, French, Middle Eastern, African, Iberian Jewish influences. Moroccan cuisines are rich with fruits, fresh or dried like apricots, dates, figs and raisins. Moroccan chicken and pigeon dishes are flavored specially by lemon preserved in a salt-lemon juice mixture. Nuts are also used in Moroccan dishes commonly like in pine nuts, pistachios and almonds. Moroccan sweets are famous for its rich flavors of fruits, cinnamons and almonds. Spices are used extensively in this particular cuisine. Since thousands of years, Moroccan cuisines flavors are richly flavored by Saffron from Taliounie, olives and mint from Meknes, lemons and oranges from Fes. Spices commonly used are karfa (cinnamon), kharkoum (turmeric), skingbir (ginger), libraz (pepper), kamoun (cumin), Pakistan: Pakistan has been rich in all of its tradition and cuisines. It is not much different from the Indian, Iran and Afghanistan cuisine. Most of the herbs, spices are used in both cuisines are same. Pork is banned in Pakistan as it is not a halal meat. Most of the drinks are non alcoholic. There is a huge variety of Pakistani cuisine. It includes Mughlai, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, North Western cuisine. Pakistan cuisine is one of the most traditional, culturally oriented, and diverse cuisines in the world. Meat is a major diet component in Pakistani cuisine. Moreover, vegetables, pulses and beans are also important. Wheat and rice is a necessary item of food at any time. The spices used in the cuisine range from mild, hot, spicy, and very spicy. Most of the cuisines are spicy. The meat dishes are first marinated in yogurt and spices for few hours and then cook on slow flame. These dishes are very popular in Pakistan. The famous dishes of Pakistani cuisines are Briyani, Korma, Kabab, Tikka, Pulao, Behari Kabab, Murgh Chana, Tandori fish Jehanga. a huge variety of deserets are Kher, Sherkhurma, and Rabari etc. Traditionally, these dishes are served with special types of breads known as Chapattis or Paratha, or with brown rice. The sweets of Pakistan are famous for their huge variety. Most of the sweets are made of milk, rice, variety of nuts and flour with Banasmati Ghee. The traditional drinks of Pakistan are Lasse, Tea, Kashmeeri Chai, and Doodh Pati. AUSTRALIA: The infinite variety of foods and cuisines of Australia reflects the variation of its land and provides rich cultural cuisines. In South, lamb, scallops and lobster are used in all their dishes. Fruits like citrus, grapes, melons, tomatoes and stone fruits along with apples and cherries are grown excessively in Australia. Australia cookery is famous for Lamb Roast, Lamingtons. Steak and Kidney Pies. Pavlova, Soldier’s cake and Anzac Biscuits are again famous for great afternoon teas with scones made up of Lamington and Pumpkin. Another famous food of Australia is Damper, traditional bread made without yeast. Australian cuisines are also known well for its variety of tastes in sweets. A chocolate coated cake dust with desiccated coconut served with whipped cream is another delight ful food served in the country and it is highly popular. Indigenous food is very popular in the country. Calamari seasoned with lemon myrtle tossed with local seafood like scallops, prawns are very famous and highly demanded dish in Australia. Other famous dishes are Kangaroo fillet with Mountain Pepper, springs smoked Salmon, Yabbies Chowder, Yabbies Stir fry with Asian vegetables. Australian cuisines are full of flavors with simple and mouthwatering taste and a variety of different combinations of ingredients. They season food very lightly with salt and black pepper and use little oil for cooking. The cuisine is full of variety ranging from fresh seafood till beef, mutton or chicken, use of fruits and vegetables till eggs of different varieties. The base of the Australian cuisine is simple, fresh yet with exquisite flavors. JAPAN: Japanese cuisine is famous all over the world for its simplest yet incredible taste. The culture of Japan changed drastically so as its cuisine. Modern Japanese cuisine has influence of traditional cuisine of Japan and other civilizations of the world. The staple food used in their cooking is rice, fish, vegetables, noodles. These food items are found almost in every meal at the time of dinner. Though many cultures cuisines have emerged in Japanese cuisine yet the basic and most of the Japanese cuisine is still having flair of their own tradition. Rice is a staple produce in Japan in many varieties and is highly demand in food. Noodles are also widely used in Japanese cuisine as a replacement of rice and sometimes as an additional meal. These food items are served with fish and vegetables. Japanese are fond of fish and other seafood is highly popular in Japan. Apart from them most of the food is boiled and seasoned well with herbs and spicy with not over strong flavors. Food is simple and delicious. The rice served is also boiled. The use of oil is very limited in Japanese cuisines and fried things are few in the cuisines. Only tempura is the highly successful and famous fried dish of Japan. Few famous dishes of Japan are Tempura, Sushi, Domburi, Onigiri, Kare Raisu, Fried rice, Chazuke, Kayu, Sashimi, Yakizanka. Apart from them Soba, Udon, Ramen, Somen, Yakisoba are highly popular fish, rice and noodles dishes. In this phase of the assignment we will discuss the different preparation of food and dinning patterns of different countries as mentioned above. SPAIN: Spanish cuisine is highly popular due to its huge variety of fresh and delicious foods. Family cooking is a tradition of Spain and comparatively simple dishes are in cuisines which are simple to prepare and includes fresh ingredients. Besides meat, chicken, fish and seafood, rice, beans, eggs and vegetables are included in most of their dishes. Tapas is a small morsels or appetizers which are prepared in huge variety and play an important role in the meals throughout the whole long day. Spanish life style is quiet different from American. A typical or traditional dinning pattern involves a light breakfast around 8 in the morning. Then a mid breakfast is served in the middle of the morning around 11. At 1 p. m. usually Tapas is served with a three course lunch at around 3. Then a tea is served with snacks and biscuits at 6 and evening tea later with Tapas at 8 p. m. At last a three course supper is served at 10. Mostly the food is prepared in a traditional way with family. There is a tradition that all families’ women prepare the food and they along with their whole family sit and enjoys the food at one large dinning table. They are of the opinion that it gives them opportunity to enjoy food with family as well as to discuss each other matters and help in solving them. MOROCCO: The dinning pattern of Moroccan is very simple. They start up their day with a breakfast. Many Moroccans eat bread with olive oil and tea along with different varieties of Moroccan crepes. Lunch is a big and main meal of the day. Members of the family come home from school and work. They all sit around a table which is low in the salon. Traditionally, female members prepare foods and serve it. The female member comes before the meal time with a kettle of water, soap and a basin made of aluminum and a dishtowel which she carries over her forearm. She comes near to every family member of the family and pours a little water on their hands to wash with the soap and rinse. Everyone gathered around one big plate placed in the center of the table. When the family head says â€Å"Bismillah† (in the name of God), then the meal starts. Usually the Moroccan eat with their right hand. The take a piece of bread in their hand to scoop up with the food and the feast begins. The lunch meal comprises of a selection of salads with a tagine and couscous. After lunch, the host clears up the table and serves the tea with a plate of fruits. Since the lunch is the main meal time and big, the dinner is usually low and simple. Sometimes people eat leftovers from lunch or prepare soup. In the wedding the feast is enormous. The meal starts with pastilla, then tagine and after that couscous is served. Then a variety of fruits and at last a mint tea is served with almond filled pastries. PAKISTAN: Normally, Pakistani takes three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. During evening times, many families take tea with local bakery products. However during Ramadan, the eating patterns changes to Sehri Iftar. In this country, people usually eat with right hand and consider it as their Islamic tradition. Traditionally, Pakistani families serve food on a table cloth known as Dastarkhaun.. It is placed on floor and all the family members sit and eat over there. A typical Pakistani breakfast consists of eggs, Paratha, lacha, kolcha with tea or Lasse. Qeema, fresh seasonal fruits, milk, honey, butter, jam, and nuts are taken during breakfast. On weekdays or holidays halwa puri with channay is highly popular and in demand. Pakistani breakfast tends to be very heavy. During lunch time, usually meat dishes are prepared with chapattis or rice. A typical Pakistani lunch consists of meat curries, or lentils with some traditionally made vegetables. Other than meat curries, rice are cooked with meat known as Briyani or Pulao is highly popular in the country. Other than that, nihari and fried fish is also regarded highly during lunch time. Dinner is considered to be main meal when whole family gathers for a occasion. Lentils are never prepared during dinner time, and food prepared which is more savory like kofte, kebabs, Pulao, are prepared. These are served with mint sauce, pickle and salad. And later the traditional desserts are served like kheer, gulab jamun, and kulfi or ras malai and shahi tukaray. AUSTRALIA: The dinning patterns in Australia are very different then usually we observe in other countries eating habits. Dinner is the main meal of the day when families gather and spend the whole evening together. Sometimes families sit at a dining table and ensure their children to use cutlery proper and obey table manners. Traditionally the food is cooked by the mother with or without help of any other family members. As social changes incurred, fathers also cook. In summers barbecues are very common especially on social events. It is a tradition that man cooks the meat, and women of that family do the other things. In Australia, eating out culture developed strongly. It is common for most of the people to go to cafes regularly for lunch or breakfast. In general, visits to restaurants are considered as treat and are regarded as a special occasions. Fast food culture is highly popular in Australia nowadays. Local variants of fast food as well as international brands like Mc Donald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut are very popular in the country. Local producer like Burger Fuel Hell Pizza are highly rewarded. Georgia Pie is another highly rewarded company in the fast food industry. JAPAN: Japanese’s dinning patterns are very simple and highly sophisticated. Japanese food is served in bowls and the chopsticks are used along with bowls for dinning purpose. Use of spoons is very rare in Japanese dinning. The Japanese often sit on western style table with chairs. They have cushions on tatami mats with a low dinning table. They usually sit on floor. Japanese food is freshly prepared and has a special aroma in their food. Sea food is must in their meal at dinner. Salmon, tuna, scallops, prawn and other types of sea food are eaten with a thick, spicy wasabe sauce. A part from it, the food is served elegantly in bite site portions. During lunch time, chicken grilled with quail eggs and pork are highly popular in Japan. Mushrooms with other vegetables are an essential part of dinning at any time. Sushi is also very popular and is considered to be quiet expensive and special dish. It is usually prepared for special occasions. The Breakfast of the Japanese is very simple with mint or green tea with some biscuits or fruits. Japanese food is not only healthy but has low calories which is the key of their healthy living style. REFERENCES: ? Ashkenazi, Michael Jacob, Jeanne 2000. â€Å"The essence of Japanese cuisines† Published by Pennsylvania press. ? . Casado, Matt A. 1997. â€Å"The Spanish cuisine. † The gourmet’s companion. Published by: Wiley Sons. ? Simpson, Maureen 1998. â€Å"The Australian Cuisine†. Published by: Methuen Haynes, ? Haider, Malik 2006. â€Å"Customs and Cultures of Pakistan†. Published by: Green wood publisher. ? Hal, Fatema 2002. â€Å"Food of Morocco†. Published by Tuttle publishing.