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IOT Security Application-Free-Samples for Students-Myassignment

Question: Discuss about the IoT Security Application. Answer: IoT Security Application Internet of Things (IoT) is a discipline that involves the amalgamation of a variety of devices and networks to achieve a common set of goals and objectives. There is an involvement of numerous devices in the applications that are based on IoT such as computing devices, small and large electrical appliances, and mobile devices and may more. The IoT applications are being used in the business sectors and industries all across the globe. There are certain security issues that are associated with these applications and solutions. The reason behind the occurrence of the security events and occurrences is because of the involvement of varied devices and networks in the applications. This leads to the presence of a number of access points which allow the attackers to gain an easy entry to the application. The security risks and threats such as network security attacks, attacks on the database of the application and the threats to the devices are associated with these IoT applications. There are many solutions that have been developed in order to overcome the security attacks. However, the organizations need to integrate a number of different security solutions to resolve, detect, prevent and control these security risks and threats (Abomhara, 2015). Some of the common issues in association with the IoT application include the breaching of data and information. The malicious entities find it easy to breach into the application and its components that have an adverse impact on the privacy and confidentiality of th e application information. Many of the denial of service and flooding attacks are also executed on the application so that the availability of the application is hampered and the customer experience that is earned on the application is deteriorated. Many of the malware have been developed to cause damage to the information and data that is associated with the application (Bertino, 2016). There are also many threats that are associated with the devices that are involved in the application. These devices may get lost or the attackers may steal the devices from the device owners to have a negative impact on the application security. It is necessary to come up with an integrated solution comprising of different security mechanisms and protocols to control the security threats and attacks. IoT security application has therefore been proposed to be developed and deployed to provide an integrated IoT security solution. The solution will include the network security controls such as network monitoring tools and network based intrusion detection and prevention systems. These tools will automatically detect the activities that are carried on the networks and any attempt by the intruders to enter the networking channels. Also, the IoT security solution must comprise of the solutions to the database security. The advanced access control along with two-factor authentication will be included in the application to enhance the database related security. Other measures such as secure monitoring and control, maintenance of the logs and anti-denial and anti-malware tools will be included in the application to provide an integra ted solution. The solution shall also have automated tracking and monitoring tools present in it. These tools will be of great aid in case of stealing or loss of the devices (Zolanvari, 2016). Technology is an important aspect that has provided the users all across the globe with the ability to execute a number of operations and processes with much ease and simplicity. In case of the IoT applications, there is a large set of transformation that has been introduced for the home and business users. However, there are certain security issues that are associated with these tools and applications that shall be targeted and resolved. These issues have a direct impact on the information properties such as integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information. It also leads to loss of the organization reputation and deterioration of the customer satisfaction level (Marsan, 2015). IoT security application is an initiative that has been taken in order to make sure that such negative impacts are not resulted. It is an integrated solution that will also be extremely cost-effective in nature. The implementation of standalone security solutions proves to be extremely costly for the organizations. The integrated set overcome such issues and will also easily detect and prevent the security risks and attacks in association with the IoT applications. Progress Report Name: Student Name Project Title: IoT Security Application Week No: 1 Date: 18th August 2017 Planning Milestone Planned Actual Comment Project Plan A detailed plan comprising of the scope of the project along with project estimates and communication details A project plan document comprising of project scope, work breakdown structure, Gantt chart, project budget, allocation of roles and communication plan The project plan is successfully created and delivered Application Design and Source Code The design of the IoT Security application in the form of design diagrams and wireframes along with the source code for the application Design document comprising of the UI/UX screens, wireframes, use case diagrams, data flow diagrams and sequence diagrams. Source code of the application. In-process Closure Report The report comprising of the activities covered in the project along with lessons acquired and acceptance of sign offs A detailed closure report consisting of the step by step activities executed and the lessons acquired by the team members of project and details of sign offs To be started Issues Description Date Action/Results Finished (Y/N) Technical Feasibility Issues 18th August 2017 There are many sub-tools and applications that are to be integrated in the IoT security application that are required to be included in a single application. The technical feasibility includes the issues associated with the compatibility and inter-operatibility of the application. There are steps taken to bring all of these tools on a single platform. Y Planning and Analysis Issues 18th August 2017 There is an enhanced planning activity that shall be carried out in association with the application so that all of the activities shall be completed successfully. The automated tools were used in the planning phase to make the process easier. Y References Abomhara, M. (2015). Cyber Security and the Internet of Things: Vulnerabilities, Threats, Intruders and Attacks. Retrieved 18 August 2017, from Bertino, E. (2016). Data Security and Privacy in the IoT. Retrieved 18 August 2017, from Marsan, C. (2015). The Internet of Things: An Overview. Retrieved 18 August 2017, from Zolanvari, M. (2016). IoT Security: A Survey. Retrieved 18 August 2017, from

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Magic Johnson Essays - National Basketball Association, Michigan

Magic Johnson Report 1. Give the name of the book underlined, the author, publisher, and original date of publication. A. Magic Johnson Court Magician, by Richard Levin. The publisher is Regensteiner publishing Enterprises and the original date of publication is in 1981. 2. Discuss your subject's home life and education. A. Magic Johnson was born in Lansing on August 14, 1959. He is one of 10 children. His father's name is Earvin, Sr. His mother's name is Christine. His family believes strongly on religion and education before sports. He's not the only one though who is an athlete in his family. His little sister attended the University of South Carolina on a basketball scholarship. Her nickname was "The Sweet E." He attended Everett High School in Lansing Michigan and held a 3.5 grade point average. 3. What unusual qualities or abilities contributed to his or her success? A. A sportswriter named Fred Stabley covered games for The Lansing State Journal. He saw Earvin play against another school Holt High School. He thought that magic was unbelievable in the way that he played so he gave him the nickname "Magic". 4. Discuss several of his or her outstanding accomplishments. A. In 1977, he led Everett High to win the Michigan state basketball championship. In 1978, as a freshman at Michigan State University, he led his team to a 25 and 5 record. In 1979, he led Michigan State to win the national championships and was named its most valuable player. He decides to turn pro and he is drafted number one in the draft by the Los Angeles Lakers. In 1982, he is named the MVP of the championship series. In 1984, He was given the "Pivotal Player: Award of all-around excellence. 5. Summarize briefly three incidents that you would feature if you were to make a movie out of this book. A. I think that everything that I just mentioned in the last question would be excellent to put in a movie about Earvin "Magic" Johnson. 6. Has this book had any influence on your viewpoint, your way of thinking, or your own ambitions? A. Yes I would have to say that this book has had a big influence on my way of thinking and ambitions. I have always slacked off and thought that if I didn't get what I needed to done, that I would always have time the next day to get it done. This has taught me that success doesn't come that way, and if I want to be successful, then I need to work hard and practice the skills that will help me get through my life. Earvin Johnson is a great example of this and I will always look up to him not only as a sports star, but a great man of skill and achievement.

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The Ancient Trading Routes and The Rise of Islam free essay sample

An examination of the changing trading routes starting with the Roman Empire and how they led to the rise of Islam. In this paper the author examines the trading routes of the Roman Empire and how changes in them led to the rise of Islam. The author pays particular attention to the development of Islam in Africa and how it remains a great influence in African society even in this modern day. From the paper: Islam offered a number of attractions within Africa. Its fundamental teaching that all Muslims are equal within the community of believers made the acceptance of conquerors and new rulers easier. The Islamic tradition of uniting the powers of the state and religion in the person of the ruler or caliph appealed to some African kings as a way of reinforcing their authority.

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Minimum Wage essays

Minimum Wage essays A public outcry over wages and working conditions led to the first minimum wage policy in the United States. A national minimum wage was created in 1938 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The basic goal of minimum wage was to guarantee workers a fair wage. In recent months, there has been much controversy and debate over raising the minimum wage. Most people have a tendency to assume that when the minimum wage is increased, people will benefit. They do not stop to think of the consequences. The following paper presents an overview of various problems. Many people do not stop to consider the costs of minimum wage increases. For example, where does the increase in wages come from? It certainly doesnt come from taxes or government funding. It comes from employers, whether they are large or small. In a conversation regarding minimum wage increases with a neighborhood bakery owner, she the following: I took the hit completely the first time; the last time, I raised my prices. The owner Angela Constantino employs eight people at minimum wage. Thats how things work. If your costs go up, youre going to have to pass some of that along to the customer. I dont pass all of it along. Basically I try to offset some of my costs" Angela said. Employers somehow must come up with the money to pay the wage increase. They must raise prices, therefore, charging all consumers more, and they may even have to let go of some of their employees in order to have the ability to pay the rate hike. The primary reason most people are willing to increase the minimum wage is to assist poor people. There are many studies that indicate that the positive benefits are just as numerous as the negative ones. According to James Kaz, the majority of those who are paid minimum wage are not poor, but rather an additional income on top of the sole p...

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Persuasive paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Persuasive - Research Paper Example been a subject of a great number of discussions, debates, and arguments, especially since euthanasia and assisted suicide became legal in a range of countries. While the opponents of legalization claims that is its, in fact, legalization of a murder as well as devaluation of a person’s life, I believe it should be legalized because it frees people of pain and suffering they cannot endure. History of euthanasia extends back over thousands of years, namely to the 5th century BCE. Despite the fact that in Ancient Rome and Greece doctors were obliged to follow the Hippocratic Oath, a lot of them could give poison to their patients if the latter asked them to. In the times of the Middle Ages, the issue of euthanasia and assisted suicide was not even discussed due to the fact that the church was quite an influential institution. With the rise of the Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries, euthanasia again became the question for discussions and debates; the majority of people were against it. However, there was no law that made it illegal until the 1830s when the first American law on the illegal status of euthanasia was passed (The Life Sources Charitable Trust). In the first half of the 20th century, euthanasia started gaining support in the American society as well as in England. With the beginning of World War II, the global society changed its attitude towards the issue due to the fact that the Nazis killed a great number of people with the help of euthanasia (The Life Sources Charitable Trust). In the late 20th, the points of view on the matter under consideration changed again; in fact, the last several decades may be regarded as the revival of the discussion as well as the reconsideration of the necessity of euthanasia legalization as the modern society is getting more and more supportive of making it legal. The following are the arguments for legalization of euthanasia; most of them are based on the needs of those who call for it. The first reason

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Case study Caterpillar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Case study Caterpillar - Essay Example Hence, community services were not in its agenda in the initial years of its establishment in the city of Piracicaba in Brazil. (Griesse, 39) Piracicaba is located in the deep interior of the state of Piracicaba which is the most industrialized as well as agriculturally advanced area of Brazil. Caterpillar entered the city of Piracicaba in 1970s as the first international firm setting up a business there. The setting up of a branch of a internationally known firm like Caterpillar came as a surprise to the city as the time when the big corporate house of United States made its entry into the city, the city was encountering a lot of economic and political problems. The decision of setting up business of Caterpillar in Piracicaba of Brazil under such turbulent economic and political scenario was not, however, random. A number of factors induced the world leader in the construction business and in the production of mining equipments, Caterpillar, to venture into the city of Piracicaba. Actually the location of the city and its small town environment attracted the executives of the firm to set up their branch in    Piracicab a. Apart from these, the officials from Piracicaba also undertook huge effort to convince the firm to set up a business there by saying that the process of industrialization could only solve the problems facing the city. (Griesse, 39, 40, 41)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In its initial years, Caterpillar went through a number of challenges in the form of several social and political movements that took place in Brazil in late 1970s and early 1980s. During this turbulent socio-political scenario, the company put its major focus on strengthening its feet in the city. Hence, it was little responsive to the process of volatile developments of the city in its social and political spheres. During its initial years of establishments, the company found it beneficial for its

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Business Ethics Week 2 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Business Ethics Week 2 - Term Paper Example â€Å"Eminent Domain shall not be exercised unless it substantially furthers an important Government interest, and with respect to housing unless it specially fulfills an overriding Government purpose† (Ryskamp, 2007, p. 31). One can accept Eminent Domain as a positive activity if done to take over a decayed or unused area, for constructing institutions like hospitals, schools and other inevitable human requirements, for real economic development of the land, which is in public interest. It will also open up employment avenues and increase revenue of the community. Thus, the final result will be the revitalization of the community around that vicinity. Eminent Domain right will negatively affect individual who are living in that area for a long time, or have been locating their business centre in that area over a considerable period of time. Obviously, their fear that it will affect their business negatively is justified. Therefore, they may not be willing to part with their properly. The confiscation of one’s property without his full will despite for being a ‘just compensation† relates to a person’s feelings and emotions. A person apart from the money worth has feelings and memories attached to a place because it might be his or her roots. Therefore, it hampers the individual’s sentiments when the property or place is confiscated without the full permission of the individual. Quality and professional standard will have distinguished improvement and professional entry will be restricted which will help both government and public to avoid malpractices and encourage healthy competition. Renuemaration and wages of the professionals will have positive changes. Demerits includes factors like consumer cost will be relatively higher and it will force the consumer pay more for specialized work. Besides, it will also restrain the mobility of practitioners.